There is a children’s book about a little boy who gets a pair of white shoes, then they get stained all of these different colors, and he keeps singing about them. The authors of the book came to my school earlier this year and performed the song/book for our students. I was going to try to find the song to share, but I can’t find it anywhere.

At any rate, I do like my white shoes.
Picture 141
They are asics GT-2140’s. I have to say that I’ve been a loyal asics wearer since just after high school. I have tried other brands in the store, but never made it out of the store with them if there were also asics available. I once owned a pair of new balance shoes, and at one point just after high school I had a pair of adidas. Both were OK, but I would leave it at that. I guess I’m just incredibly loyal to a brand that has always been good for me.

I just bought this particular pair this afternoon and immediately had to rush downstairs to the treadmill when I got home. The slight bit of pain that I’ve had in my foot was completely gone wearing these. These shoes are AWESOME!!! I did start out my run with some knee pain, but it was gone by about 2 minutes in, so I’m guessing it wasn’t anything major. Hopefully?

  • Time: 30:18
  • Avg HR: 153
  • Max HR: 180
  • Calories: 347

I decided to switch my run up for today, just for variety’s sake. Today I did a 5 minute warm up and cool down, and the rest of the time I alternated running 5 minutes and walking 2.5. It was tough, but I made it a little bit tougher by deciding that I was going to push through the last minute, rather than just coasting. Right as I was at my most tired, I was going to try to power through to the walk break.

I had intentions of doing the Jillian Michaels DVD, but I’m going to skip it for now. Possibly I’ll go back down after dinner for some more punishment, but most likely I’ll just call it quits for the day. I still have to run to the store to get the stuff to grill out tomorrow. Nate is wanting to do burgers on the grill, so I have to go get some veggie burgers, something for him, some veggies for veggie kabobs (I have squash and tomatoes, but I don’t have anything else.. I want mushrooms and zucchini. Maybe even eggplant.), and the toppings for the burgers. I’d also like to get some soy yogurt, but I don’t really want to go to Publix, and that seems to be the only place in the area that carries it.

I don’t know if I’ve said anything about this or not, but I’ve realized that since I started consuming less dairy, my allergies are virtually non-existant. I’ve switched to almond milk, soy yogurt, and soy cheese. Normally, this time of year I’m on both Clarinex and Nasonex, and have been in at least once (sometimes more) for a sinus infection despite the two medicines. This year, I’ve not been to the doctor for any of the above. I don’t have a prescription from this year at all, and my sinuses are perfectly clear. I was so skeptical all of the times I heard something about dairy, but it’s made a world of difference for me.

I think I’m going to run to Publix, whether I want to or not, and then decide when I get back whether to do the DVD or not. I love 3 day weekends.


Meant to sound like Run, Forrest!

Today was another great treadmill workout. Today’s was a little bit more intense than yesterday. Yesterday there was some ab work, and about 25 minutes on the treadmill. Today, the whole 30 was spent on the treadmill, meaning that I added an extra run segment in today. I’m hot, sweaty, and ready for a shower, but it’s with a smile on my face. I’m starting to feel pretty hopeful that this time I’m going to be able to stick to it. Having a treadmill in the basement is making a world of difference for me. I feel guilty every time I look at it and know that it hasn’t been used that day, and getting on there is much easier than beating myself up over it! haha!

  • Time: 30:32
  • Avg HR: 152
  • Max HR: 178
  • Burn baby burn: 346 calories

I also spent some time online today looking at the Race for the Cure website. The race is Sept. 27. There is absolutely no reason that I can think of that I wouldn’t be able to run it. I don’t think I would want to do the competitive race this year, but the 5K untimed race would be fun. Especially if I can get a friend to go with me. And it would add to my motivation. I love having a goal I’m working toward. Especially one that is something I care so much about.

Now, off to get a shower, and then figure out what in the world I want for dinner tonight. Nate’s at work, so tonight’s dinner will be easy and veggie filled. I’m really craving some peas. I haven’t had them in ages.

So, that treadmill that I was so excited about? Yeah, I had forgotten what hard work it was. I used to be a runner. In high school, I ran cross country and played soccer, both of which required running, for obvious reasons. After HS, I ran some in college. I took a jogging class and after that class was over, I continued running on my own through most of the rest of college. Then I started karate, which took away from running, but required me to keep in shape, not to mention that during my training for my black belt test, I was running 3 miles every other day, at least.

All of that to say that I am not new to this, by any means. I just had never let myself get this out of shape before.

So just now, I finished up my first “run” on my new treadmill. I should really say run/walk, because I decided that since it had been so long, I would try the beginning running plan on Runners World. I think it’s a great plan, unfortunately, I apparently don’t even qualify as a beginner at this point. I tried day one, and got less than halfway through before feeling like I was going to throw up or pass out, and I wasn’t sure which. Needless to say, I stepped off the treadmill, and figured I need to go a bit more gradually.

Here are my stats from this morning’s attempt:

Time: 12:00 (ran 4 minutes, walked 8 minutes)

Avg. HR: 165

Max HR: 187

Calories: 154

I know that the goal is to gradually build up my time and mileage, so I’m not out to build it too fast. I don’t want to hurt myself or to burn out, so I’m going to probably stick with this for the next week or so. I know that the plan starts at 30 minutes of run/walk. I figure that since I’m at 12, I can slowly add one run/walk at a time until I get to 30, and then follow the plan. Who knows, it may go quicker than I anticipate, but if not, I’m not going to rush it. It’s not worth it.

I didn’t get this out of shape overnight, so I’m not going to get back in shape that quickly either.

I am happy to say that there has been a very bright spot to my day today, in spite of everything that has been going on. More on that in a second.

I have chosen to make today an official “day off from the world.” With everything that has happened in the past couple of weeks, I felt like just taking a day off to do absolutely nothing at all productive. When I say nothing, I mean that I sat on the couch in my pajamas all day watching reruns of Scrubs and Sex in the City in my pajamas. I was truly useless today, and I feel much better for it. The bathrooms didn’t get cleaned, the floors didn’t get swept, the dishes weren’t put away, and the laundry wasn’t done. All of it will be there tomorrow, and that is ok with me. Although, I certainly didn’t do myself any favors with making tomorrow an easier day for myself. So far, that I know of, I have to

  • go to Mass at 11:00
  • run by the school to make some copies for next week
  • clean two disgusting bathrooms (the roommate’s old bathrooms- he didn’t clean when he moved… grrrrrrr!)
  • pick up some pictures from the store
  • go to Mom’s for dinner
  • get in a run
  • check Lowe’s or Home Depot for a blue toilet seat and a wallpaper steam machine thingy

About an hour or so before Nate got home, I finally got up and dressed and such. I did end up getting the bunny’s room cleaned up and making a grocery run with him. As I was carrying out the trash from the bunny’s room, my in-laws were pulling up in the driveway with a lovely tree for downstairs and a wonderful surprise.

Nate bought me a treadmill!!!!!!

I am soooo thrilled. His cousin had bought it a while back for Nate’s mom, and it wasn’t being used, so he bought it from her for me! Needless to say, I promptly had to get on it and test it out a bit. Since they were here for a while and I didn’t want to spend the whole time they were visiting on the treadmill, I am putting off my first official run until tomorrow morning before mass. I’m hugely excited, though, because this will make training for the race much easier and more convenient. I still have to do some runs outside, just because I won’t want my first one to be the day of the race, but it will definitely be nice to have the convenience of being able to be downstairs, in the air conditioning, and able to run day or night. Sweet! We’re going to set up a TV in that room so that I can also watch it while I’m working out. Double sweet!

What an awesome man I married!!

So now the goal is to definitely run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and one other day (most likely Friday or Saturday). There’s not even an excuse for missing! I’m also excited that it won’t mean being bored at the gym while I’m running, because I will be able to choose what is on TV, not to mention I’ll still have my music, and even my weights and stuff off to the side for some intervals. Now I just need to plan what to do. I find that I do much better if it is mapped out… otherwise, I have the best of intentions, it just never really happens.