So, that treadmill that I was so excited about? Yeah, I had forgotten what hard work it was. I used to be a runner. In high school, I ran cross country and played soccer, both of which required running, for obvious reasons. After HS, I ran some in college. I took a jogging class and after that class was over, I continued running on my own through most of the rest of college. Then I started karate, which took away from running, but required me to keep in shape, not to mention that during my training for my black belt test, I was running 3 miles every other day, at least.

All of that to say that I am not new to this, by any means. I just had never let myself get this out of shape before.

So just now, I finished up my first “run” on my new treadmill. I should really say run/walk, because I decided that since it had been so long, I would try the beginning running plan on Runners World. I think it’s a great plan, unfortunately, I apparently don’t even qualify as a beginner at this point. I tried day one, and got less than halfway through before feeling like I was going to throw up or pass out, and I wasn’t sure which. Needless to say, I stepped off the treadmill, and figured I need to go a bit more gradually.

Here are my stats from this morning’s attempt:

Time: 12:00 (ran 4 minutes, walked 8 minutes)

Avg. HR: 165

Max HR: 187

Calories: 154

I know that the goal is to gradually build up my time and mileage, so I’m not out to build it too fast. I don’t want to hurt myself or to burn out, so I’m going to probably stick with this for the next week or so. I know that the plan starts at 30 minutes of run/walk. I figure that since I’m at 12, I can slowly add one run/walk at a time until I get to 30, and then follow the plan. Who knows, it may go quicker than I anticipate, but if not, I’m not going to rush it. It’s not worth it.

I didn’t get this out of shape overnight, so I’m not going to get back in shape that quickly either.