So far, it’s shaping up to be a great and pretty productive day. I had a quick breakfast of some kashi wild blueberry and oat cereal, and then a 35 minute workout with the Wii. I would have never expected a video game workout to kick my butt like that, but I won’t lie… it was rough today. I guess, though, when you think about it, workout videos can be pretty tough, and this is just like having a workout video with a sensor to make sure you’re doing the movements. Of course, it can be tricked (as I accidently discovered today) but then you’re only cheating yourself.

Today’s workout did raise some questions for me, though. According to the Wii, I burned 212 calories today. According to my HRM, I burned around 400 (I accidentally reset it to start again before I had a chance to get exact numbers, but I know it was over 400). Which is accurate? And do I go by exactly what it says?

It made me start thinking, and I would love to know the answer to this: When the HRM measures, it tells how many calories you burnt during that time period of exercise, right? But is that in addition to what you burn just by being alive, or do would you subtract from that whatever fraction of your BMR it is? I hope that’s making sense. In my head it does. It’s not entirely relevant, because I’m not going to completely flip out over less than a hundred calories one way or the other, I just thought of it, and it would be interesting to know the answer.

And furthermore, my workout today raised another question for me. I read once that you should do cardio first, and then strength, but that seems counter-intuitive. It would seem like you would be depleting your energy stores so that the strength would be either ineffective or just plain dangerous, depending on what you’re doing. I’ve also heard to go with what your goal is, and do that first, and then let the other come second. For me, my goal is to lose weight, and so it would seem like the cardio would be a better first exercise, and then strength afterwards… but I know that when I’ve done cardio first, I often have nothing left to give on the strength exercises, and I don’t want to sacrifice building muscle for it. I know that running builds muscle, as does the other cardio exercise I do… I just don’t want to feel like my workouts (and my body) are suffering from my not knowing.

I think that maybe that’s something about the Wii that I’m enjoying. There is cardio incorporated into the strength. It uses resistance bands and your own body weight for some of the exercises, but then alternates that with running in place or boxing drills.

Nate said yesterday that he is starting to see a difference in the way I look from the past few weeks. The scale isn’t showing it, and neither are my clothes, but I can honestly say that when I look at my legs, there is more definition and my stomach is shaping up a bit. Hopefully the scale and the fit are just a little bit slower to show. I wish I had thought to take a before and after pic. I mean, I could take a pic now, but there’s no before, so it wouldn’t really show the change.

Edited to add this later in the day, because it didn’t seem to warrant another post: I did some cardio boxing a little while ago to add another 180 calories burnt today. Yah!!! That makes a grand total of 50 minutes of exercise and somewhere around 580-600 calories burnt. I’m realizing that I’ve been neglecting my exercise. I’ve done some, but it’s been inconsistent and unfocused, and I’m starting to wonder if committing to it consistently may be what it takes to get the weight off AND make me feel a lot better overall. I don’t think my diet was really as big of a problem as I thought it was, but I was not very active, and I think that’s what hurt me more than anything else, so hopefully I’ll be seeing big changes.


Wow! That was a kick ass workout for sure! Well, it kicked mine, at least. I had to come straight up here afterwards and blog about it. I’m such a dork.

I have really been trying to work on my running. My speed is horrible, but I am so out of shape that I’m worrying about my endurance first. Today was a 30 minute run/walk, and I did actually pick up the pace from where I have been. Here are the stats below:

  • Time: 36:18
  • In zone: 24:52
  • Avg HR: 154
  • Max HR: 176
  • Calories: 420!!!

It was my toughest workout in a while. I know that for a lot of people it would have been easy, but I keep reminding myself… baby steps. I kept wanting to give up or walk for longer, but I kept telling myself to keep on. “You can do anything for one minute.”

It made me think back to when I was doing my training for my black belt test. We would have to hold really tough stances or hold a side kick for 30 seconds to a minute. During that time, my ex would tell me “you can do anything for 30 seconds……………you can do anything for 15 seconds……………… can do anything for 5 more seconds.” Keeping that goal in mind made the time pass quicker. I felt like I could rest if I could only hold out for that 5 more seconds. During my run today, I kept telling myself the same thing, and it really helped. I had forgotten the power of breaking it down into chunks. I think that even once I’m up to running for longer times, I will still use that strategy to challenge myself to run faster for portions of my run.

I really wanted to put in a Jillian Michaels DVD after the run, but decided since the run was harder than I had planned, I would put the DVD off until tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a much easier run, even though my overall time will probably be longer.

I have also been considering getting my thyroid checked. I have had several people who have known me for years suggest it. They have watched my weight yo-yo, and then get stuck at the highest point. I have been quite a skeptic about the thyroid thing, simply because I’m much quicker to look for what I’m doing wrong. I have a definite tendency to blame myself, and I want to find a way that I can find something that I can fix. Still, after so many people suggesting it to me, I wonder if I shouldn’t at least rule it out.

More to think about. At any rate, I need to go get in the shower.

This will be a really quick, pictureless post because my poor, exhausted hubby is wanting me to go on to bed, but I have a couple of things I need to put down somewhere first.

Breakfast smoothie:

  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup almond breeze
  • spinach
  • kale
  • 1.5 tbsp peanut butter



  • whole wheat tortilla
  • hummus
  • meatless chicken
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • 5 mushroom slices

and some baby carrots and hummus with that.


Clif chocolate brownie z bar


Some sort of healthy choice frozen dinner. It was adequate. 270 calories, not too untasty… all in all, it is what it is.

Also, I went back to the gym tonight, so here’s the rundown:

Time: 30 on the elliptical, 7 on the treadmill

Calories burnt: I’m not entirely sure, since I forgot to turn on the heart rate monitor before I started. Smart, eh. I think it was somewhere around 400, going by what it showed at the end. Not too shabby

Post workout snack: a banana and peanut butter

And on that note, I’m off to bed!