I got to work at about 7:30 this morning and didnt’t leave until about 6:30 tonight. I love my job- I really truly love my job… but it’s a good thing I love it so much. Otherwise, it would have absolutely burnt me out by now. The school where I work uses a literacy program that operates without a textbook for reading, spelling, or writing, and we also do not use one for math. There are textbooks available for Science and Social Studies, but they’re outdated, and that’s the least of the problems with them. So, of course, there is a lot of prep work involved for our teachers. In a sense, it’s wonderful because I have so much freedom to decide what my students need, and adjust my instruction to that. A perfect example of this happened today- yesterday, during our writing block, I noticed several of my students did not have a strong sense of beginning, middle, and ending to their stories. I planned a lesson for today that refocused them on that concept. I remember during some of my internships (prior to student teaching) feeling tied to a textbook, and stifled by it. So the freedom is wonderful.

At the same time, it’s incredibly frustrating sometimes to just be ready to leave, but know that I haven’t finished making centers for my math lessons or haven’t finished choosing books for my guided reading groups. It’s a lot of work that sometimes I would love to be free from. I’m not going anywhere- I love my job. I am incredibly happy there, and we have, hands down, the best administrators anywhere, but still, sometimes I guess you just need to vent a bit.

At any rate, on to what I ate today:

Breakfast was another smoothie, along with a veggie sausage patty on the side. I did take a picture this morning, but I couldn’t find my camera, so I used the one in my phone. Right now, my phone is dead (it’s on the charger right now) so I’ll share those when the phone is working again. Basically, it’s another green smoothie… very similar to yesterday, but with a couple of minor adjustments.

  • 1 leaf of kale
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 spoonful of peanut butter
  • light yogurt
  • 2 ice cubes

I also mixed it longer in the blender, which made it a bit creamier than yesterday.

Lunch (again, pictures coming soon) was a peanut butter and banana 1/2 sandwich on wheatberry bread. I ate the other 1/2 of the banana by itself.

My after school snack was an apple.

Driving home, I had a Larabar. This time, I tried the peanut butter cookie bar. It’s one of the few I haven’t had before. It was ok, but not one of my favorites.

Dinner was a canned soup. That’s right… I got all gourmet tonight… haha. I had a can of Amy’s organic lentil soup.


Eh… what can you do? Like I said, it was a long day.