I have been a total slacker about posting pictures of my food. I guess it’s been partly because it’s been prepackaged the past couple of days. I have been tracking it on sparkpeople, just so that I could still keep up with it.

Yesterday’s breakfast:

  • a packet of Quaker banana bread instant oatmeal
  • 1 packet of stevia
  • a banana
  • about a tbsp of peanut butter

Yesterday’s snacks:

  • leftover vegetable stirfry with meatless chicken slices
  • a banana with smucker’s natural peanut butter (so good, and only 2 ingredients!)

Yesterday’s lunch:

  • whole wheat angel hair pasta
  • Newman’s own marinara
  • mushrooms
  • black olives

Yesterday’s dinner:

This, I actually have a picture of.

picture-129First, my salad.

  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • about 1/3 of a cucumber

picture-1322And here, with the soup. I had a can of Progresso minestrone.

I also had a cup of Silk very vanilla soy milk with my dinner.

I’m down 12 lbs since New Year’s Eve. Granted, that’s slow progress, it is progress, and I haven’t been sincerely trying the whole time. I have tried for a week, and then given up for 2 and then started again. It was just last month that I actually got serious. I’m starting to feel some of my pants fitting pretty loosely, which I’m very excited about. All of my jeans now have to be worn with a belt, where not long ago at all, I was having trouble fitting them over my thighs and butt. Best of all, for the first time, I’m losing weight without feeling deprived, and I actually look forward to eating or buying groceries, not because I am so incredibly hungry, but because food is now about choosing. It’s empowering. Last night, I tracked my foods, and then I looked at what I was missing from the day. I needed some more protein, but didn’t need to get much more fat or carbs, so I went through my head quickly to figure out what had enough protein without being too much fat or carbs. I’m thinking this through, and rather than just tying myself to a number of calories, I’m trying to figure out how to get my body what it needs.

I had a conversation with my sister last night. She is a fast-food manager, and between her crazy hours and the food that’s readily available, the restaurant lifestyle has not been kind to her waistline. About a month ago, she joined somewhere to help her lose weight. I don’t really know much about this place, except that one of her friends joined it a while ago and has lost a lot of weight. So far, all I really know is that my sister is working out every day. They recommended 30 minutes or so, I believe, but she is doing an hour on the elliptical. They have also told her to cut her calorie intake to 1500 a day, which she is sticking to pretty well. I know that they give appetite supressants, and my sister has been taking those. Apparently they’re effective.

I guess what concerns me, though, is that because of her work, her 1500 calories are coming from crap, pure and simple. She is having cereal for breakfast, something from work for lunch, and then whatever for dinner. A fast-food lifestyle is still unhealthy crap, even if you cut it to 1500 calories. Yes, you can lose weight, but your body is not at all getting what it needs. And I really have trouble with the fact that this place is not pushing her to eat healthier. The answer is not just eating less, it’s eating better. Smarter. I get it now. And it took me forever to get there, but that’s largely because I did it the long, roudabout way. I didn’t pay for an expert to help me, although I wanted to. Still, if the “experts” are doing no more advising than this, I guess I’m better off having gone this route. I have a lot of information, and I know where to go for more. And I want more. Can I say that I won’t slip? No… but I can say that even when I slip, I will know that I am slipping- I will not believe that I can eat healthily at McDonald’s.

I guess it’s supposed to be about smaller changes? Maybe the goal is to gradually help her to change her lifestyle… I don’t think that’s what has happened with her friend, but maybe I’m wrong. I sure hope so.

All of that said, here is this morning’s breakfast.

picture-133I made some cinnamon roll instant oatmeal and added some frozen organic blueberries and some whipped cream for a little bit of extra fun.

picture-1341And again.

I also had a Clif Z chocolate brownie bar.

Ok… so I know it’s not exactly ideal, but I do need to go to the store and get some regular oats. I should put that on my to-do list.