I decided to track my meals from the past 2 days in sparkpeople, and I’m disappointed with how I’ve done. Both days, I have been over 1600 calories, which is not absolutely horrible, but I guess I just thought it would be a little bit lower. Which tells me that I’m slightly underestimating how much I’m eating. I know that I don’t need to cut too low, and I have no intention of doing so, but I really thought I was shaving about a hundred or so more off than I really am.

I also had a frozen pizza tonight, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but couldn’t be bothered to cook for just me- it’s so much harder to motivate myself to make an actual meal on nights that Nate is at work late.

First, the pizza. It was a Kashi mushroom and spinach thin crust pizza.


And the salad. Spinach, mushrooms, olives, and a few spritzes of that dressing from the other post.


And now, the whole thing. Dinner is served.



Well, over my calories or not, it was tasty, and I feel good. I’m going to take a quick nap (I have been exhausted since about 1:00 this afternoon) and then a workout DVD.

On a side note, I can’t remember whether I said anything about the coming workout room. I’m very excited about that… Once the roommate gets his stuff moved, I can’t wait to set up a workout room so that I can work out any time, day or night. While I’m sad to see him go and will really miss him, I’m also thrilled to be getting my own workout room!!! Of course, it’ll be a few weeks before it’s a reality. Right now, he’s stuck in a hotel until he can get a place of his own after being transferred for work. I thought about suggesting Nate take his next day off and drive up to surprise him. We’ll see.

On that note, I’m off to nap for a little bit. Yes, I know my sleep schedule is going to be completely messed up as a result, but I also know that if I go to bed now, there is no way I’ll sleep through the night, so I might as well resign myself to just a nap, and then stay up for a while.