I decided yesterday afternoon that I had had a bad attitude for long enough, and it was time to do something. I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. I had lost a few pounds, it just wasn’t coming as quickly as I would have liked, but it wasn’t/isn’t going to come at all if I continue what I was doing before I cleaned up my diet. So with that in mind, I made a phone call to the lady who handles the memberships at the community pool. The price for a membership is steep, but it would get me a key, where I could go swim any hour of the day, rather than it being on a schedule like it was at the gym. There, I couldn’t swim anytime there was a class going on, and the classes went on for most of the afternoon. Basically, I could swim after 8… but I didn’t even like to go to the gym after 8, so that wasn’t working. Swimming is so much fun to me. I am still planning to continue my running, but it wouldn’t hurt me to have another exercise that I enjoy. The plan is to give it everything I’ve got for the next 2 months- to try to lose as much as I can before I go back to work. That way, hopefully, I’ll be able to go back to karate then. Really, that’s my ultimate goal… to get back to karate. But the dojang I want to train at is about 5 minutes from where I work, but about 45 minutes from my house. So over the summer, when I’m not working, I spend more time driving to and from class than I do actually in class, so I want to make it a seasonal thing. Basically, take the summers off to do other activities, and then return to class every fall.

So this year, I want to spend the summer losing weight. Ideally, I’d like to lose at least 30 lbs this summer. Yes, I know that’s more than the recommended 2 lbs a week, but it wouldn’t be done the wrong way, honestly. I want to do it by eating right and working out, and I know that if I’m putting in hours a day to working out (which is the plan) then I can safely do at least 30 lbs this summer. That would put me back where I was when I started training for my black belt test, so I know that I can do the workouts at that weight, so long as I’m in shape for them, which I would be. The goal is this:

  • 5 days a week swimming
  • 3-4 days a week running
  • 5-6 days a week of workout videos
  • 1 full rest day, 1 “easy” day- meaning only the wii or a workout video (and I can assure you it wouldn’t be a Jillian Michaels video… those are never “easy”)

All of the above is subject to some tweaking, but that’s the basic plan for now. What I’m figuring is that since I’m not working this summer, the calories I usually burn just from being at work will need to be burnt off some other way, in addition to the above, so for that, I’d like to plan a morning walk. Weather permitting, I’d love for it to be outside, but if need be, I could use the treadmill.