I am thoroughly enjoying the beginning of a 3 day weekend! Yay!!!! The best part is that when the long weekend ends, I only have 4 more days of school. (And then post-planning.)

Right now, I’m spending the morning searching for a new running shoe. My current pair had become my everyday shoes a while ago, since I wasn’t running at the time. As a result, they have way too many miles on them, and I need a pair that isn’t so worn out. I kinda think they might be responsible for some of the foot and leg pain that I was having.

I’ve also spent some time online working on my class website for next year. I’ve made some really good updates to it, including a class calendar, a page for each of my units in Social Studies and Science, and a little bit of deco-stuff on it. I still have a lot left to do, but I have all summer to get it finished, so it’s not a big deal.

I’m also debating on whether to teach summer school or not. On the one hand, it would be nice money, and I really don’t have big plans for the summer. I plan to head to Houston for a week or so, but the rest of the summer is pretty much free, so I would basically be sitting around or spending money. This way, I would be making money instead. And it would be pretty boring to spend the summer alone- Nate will be working his usual schedule. Most of my friends will be working, and those who are teachers and off for the summer will be spending the summer with their families, so we won’t be able to go do much together. It could make for a really boring summer.

On the other hand, I really was looking forward to 2 months of freedom. It would be nice to know that I didn’t have to get up in the morning or be anywhere. And I do have stuff to do with my granddad’s will, so I would need some free time, which I wouldn’t have if I worked this summer.

Decisions, decisions.