This past couple of weeks has been insane. I have been working on my Master’s degree on the weekends once a month, but this past 2 months, I have doubled up, so I have taken a class every other weekend. That would be fine, except that the classes have made it impossible for me to stay as caught up on work as I need to be, much less have any time for myself. I have so much homework that I haven’t finished yet, and I stayed at work until 7:00 tonight and still wasn’t finished there. I think I’m just going to plan on spending a good chunk of time down there on Saturday to get back to where I need to be. I can’t stand feeling like I’m behind!

I made an attempt at working out one night last week, but when I say I haven’t had any time for what I want to do, I really mean any time at all, so going more than once was literally impossible. I really haven’t seen my husband in 2 weeks, even!

So I know that my blogging is behind. I’m going to attempt to get it all caught up at once, and then stay caught up from that point forward.


  • The new bird, Mango, has settled in nicely.
  • I have been mostly good with my eating, with only a couple of exceptions- last night being one. We went out for dinner and I got a salad and baked potato with butter and cheese, which I really probably could have done without.
  • My biggest achievement this week: cutting out koolaids/etc…. I have gone to plain old water, and am feeling great!

I’m sure I have a ton to say, but I honestly am exhausted! I am off to bed (and yes, it is only 8:30!)